Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Big Change in AdSense account approval process By Google

Big Change in AdSense account approval process By Google:

It is worth mentioning again that Google Adsense is one of the best amongst best when it’s about the contextual advertising network on internet. Being the best in the business Google has now improved it's algorithm and introduced a big change in adsense account approval process. AdSense account approval process was easy, all you had to create a new AdSense account, once your account has been reviewed, Adsense team accepts your application once it complies with their terms and policies and you were given the complete access to your AdSense account and you could implement ads on your blog and start making money.

Big Change in AdSense account approval process By Google

But in the recent times, Google has changed the AdSense approval process to ensure the reliability and discourage any misuse, instead of making it one step process, they have made it 2-step process.

To make your life a lot easier I have shared a blog post on Checklist to get AdSense approval fast based on my experience which I'm sure you guys might also find much helpful...

So the process for approval includes following 2 steps:

Sign up for AdSense > Application is reviewed and passed first stage.


 Implement ad code on your blog > Account is reviewed again and finally accepted.

From now on when you sign up for a new Adsense account, your application will be reviewed by AdSense team, they will verify your site and information submitted in the application. All the applications which pass the first stage, they will be given access to Adsense account and ad codes are provided to paste it on submitted site in the application. This is first step towards approval.

You have to paste those ad codes on your blog resulting in display of blank ads on your site. Any click happened on those ads will not be counted in your earnings until AdSense team will review again your blog and if you pass the final approval, you will get another confirmation Email from AdSense team and your AdSense will now be fully activated. Unless you don’t pass the second step, you will still be able to login to your AdSense account but you will find a message saying your account is under review.

I don’t believe that this 2 step AdSense approval process will speed up whole AdSense approval procedure by any means. Since verification and review process is done in two steps the whole process might take time, instead.

Here is the complete process for AdSense approval:

ü  Sign up for AdSense account through

ü   Provide all the accurate details about yourself like Name, Address and blog’s URL.

ü  It will take 1-2 days for AdSense to verify all the information, and send you an email.

ü   Once your application has passed initial step, Login to AdSense account, create Ad code. Place that code in your blog (using a widget).

ü  At this level Ads will shows as blank, until final approval process is done. It may take about a week or so as Google has to go through many requests every day.

ü  After the final approval, you will get confirmation email congratulating for your success.

ü  Once your AdSense revenue reaches $10, AdSense will mail you a PIN to your address.

ü  All you have to do is to login to your AdSense account, and enter that Pin.

ü  Heads off for successfully completing all the steps. Once your account reaches threshold $100, Google will send you your earning in form of check or EFT payment.

I hope this small post may help you better understand the process for AdSense approval. Feel free to ask any question using comment box and do give us your feedback.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

How to Create an AdSense Account? A complete guide to new bloggers

How to Create an AdSense Account? A complete guide to new bloggers:

As a blogger you may have surely heard of the Google AdSense, which is one of the best contextual advertising programs available on internet.
In this article, I will guide you through, how you can create an AdSense account for your blog.
There are many online earning programs available, it doesn’t matter what program you seek, you will find that Adsense is far more efficient and the best among all. This is the reason why almost all of the bloggers may have craze for GOOGLE ADSENSE. If you have a little marketing skills, you may also be willing to look into affiliate marketing apart from Adsense.
Initially when I was tyro to blogging, AdSense was a new concept all together. I still remember when I first signed up for Adsense, I didn’t know much about Google Adsense terms and policies, literary it was so difficult to get on to it and come up with the best results.
For beginners who are not familiar with Adsense, to help you out in this regard I have posted an article about Google AdSense which will be so helpful to understand “What Google AdSense is”. Wherein contextual ads are posted on your blog, for which you are going to get paid when someone clicks on those ads.
You may find lots of information about our topic on internet but I have tried to get you through and guide you towards the success in this post. I’m sure this post is going to be so fruitful for those beginners who don’t really know how to apply for Adsense.

There are few essentials which you must consider before applying for Adsense. First, for sure, you need to have a blog. You also must be above the age of 18 for making Gmail account through which you will submit your application and to make sure you are eligible to receive your payment, otherwise you may have other solution by using the information about your parents or guardian who gives you permission to do so.

Steps to Send an Adsense account application:

Adsense has changed the account approval procedure that is composed of following steps:

ü  Signing up for Adsense
ü  Adding  Adsense ads to the blog
ü  Wait until your application is reviewed and either accepted or rejected

Hence the new AdSense account approval process is a bit lengthy, making sure the quality of blog for Adsense for all users and advertisers as well.
It is also essential to make sure your blog or website is adhering to AdSense polices before applying.
Make sure you must also read the terms and conditions mentioned on the signup page in order to learn more about Google AdSense.

Following are the key steps you have to take for signing up for Adsense:

Step-by-Step Guideline to Creat an AdSense Account:

First, in order to initiate you must have a Gmail account using which you will go to the Signup page for AdSense, and there you will see an option to proceed with a new Google account, or you can choose to use your existing Google account. If you have a domain-name email address like, I recommend you should use that to sign up for your AdSense account.  Otherwise, use your existing Gmail account.

Note:  using domain-specific email addresses increases the chances for acceptance.

Details about your blog:

This form is quite straight-forward, as you simply need to enter the URL of your website and select the language used in your content.

For the website URL use your blog address, and make sure to add it without (Hypertext transfer protocol) HTTP:// extension.

AdSense contact information:

This is the most essential part that needs an intense care because all the information you give will be used to pay you the payments. And in many of the experiences it’s been observed that using fake or bogus information about yourself has resulted failure in getting AdSense approval.
The “payee name” is very important. Make sure you use the same name with which you have your bank account title, as Adsense will send you a check or EFT payment using that name. If you make a mistake here, changing the payee name of your account would be difficult in many countries including Pakistan and India. You can check out the list of countries which are not allowed to change the payee name after signing up. So make sure your bank account title and payee name are exactly the same.

Next add your contact information and fill in the other details.

Accept and check Adsense policies:

Read the AdSense policies and check all three check-boxes.

Once done, click on “submit”, and on the next page you can review your details. Make sure that all the details are accurate.

Sign up with your E-mail account:

You can use your current email address that is in use to sign up, or you can create a new Gmail account for Adsense. For rather fast approval, I highly recommend you to use ZohoMail, and create a free domain-specific email address.
In my case, when I first tried to sign up using my Gmail account, my application was rejected 8-10 times.  However, when I applied using a domain-specific email address, My Adsense application got approval.
Once you have signed up for Adsense, you need to add AdSense ads code to your blog. The Adsense team will review your application again after you add the code, once your application is approved your account will be activated and you will be sent an AdSense Pin. All of this may take approximately 6-7 weeks depending upon your geographical location and the meeting the threshold.
Once everything is according to the script, in order to get paid you have to fulfill further two more steps:

ü  Submit your tax information
ü  Enter your pin

You will also have to submit a tax form, depending on how you are entitled to do business. For certification of No U.S. activities, and for Pakistani Adsense publishers, you can fill in the tax information as follow:

AdSense Pin:

You will receive a Pin by mail once you reach the threshold of $10 which you will have to add to your AdSense account. You’ll start receiving payment once your AdSense account reaches the $100 threshold.
I hope this post will help you to successfully create an Adsense account. If you do not yet have a blog I must say go for it and get most out of the opportunity.
If you have any question regarding the AdSense account creation process? Feel free to ask me via the comments section.